About Us

The Winter Sports School in Park City is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop students with a passion for learning and excellence, in both academics and athletics. The school offers a college preparatory program that combines high academic standards with distinction in winter sports, focuses on the development of the whole person, and challenges each student to reach beyond his or her limits in all aspects of life.

We operate as a full-year public Utah Charter School for students in grades 9 through 12. Our academic calendar runs from April through November each year, giving our students the unique opportunity to focus their energy during winter months on training and competition. Non-Utah residents may also attend our program as tuition-paying students.

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to each student in our community, and our location presents our students with an impressive range of extracurricular options. The Park City area is home to world class venues and facilities in every major winter sport, and the school cooperates with local entities to ensure for our students a host of elective, athletic, and social opportunities throughout their high school years.

Ours is a truly wonderful place to come of age.

Winter Sports School