The Utah Resident Application for the 2024 school year will open on August 14th, 2023. New student and transfer student applications for the upcoming school year will be accepted through April of 2024.  WSS enrolls up to 30 students per grade level depending upon available spaces, and reserves the right to limit or expand grade levels to accommodate special circumstances.

We have also launched the Elite Athlete Flex, a special program within the regular WSS academic program. This Elite Athlete Flex seeks to meet the unique and often very individual needs of our student-athletes who have achieved a level of success in their chosen sport that demands much more travel, training, and competition year-round, including long stretches during our condensed academic calendar at WSS.

The open enrollment application periods for the 2024 school year are as follows:

ENROLLMENT PERIOD; #1:August 14th through September 14th, 2023
ENROLLMENT PERIOD; #2:September 15th through November 30th, 2023
ENROLLMENT PERIOD; #3:December 1st through February 8th, 2024
ENROLLMENT PERIOD; #4:February 9th through April 30th, 2024

The results of the 2023 and 2022 lotteries are posted here below.

WSS Admissions Policy

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September 15, 2023 | December 1, 2023


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2024 Utah Resident Application

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    To apply to our program, please complete the following steps in the application process:

    1. Complete both the student and parent sections of the Non-Utah Resident Application for Admission form (see link to the form below)
    2. An official school transcript for grades 6-present year (please include an explanation for any grades lower than C-)
    3. A letter of recommendation from a coach or sport club director
    4. A letter of recommendation from a teacher of your choice.

    Supporting materials can be scanned and e-mailed to us at admissions@wintersportsschool.org  or sent via U.S. Mail to The Winter Sports School in Park City, 4251 Shadow Mountain Drive, Park City, UT  84098.

    Non-Utah Resident students should submit a completed application form and supporting materials no later than December 1st prior to the year for which they wish to be considered for admission.


    2024 Tuition for newly enrolled Non-Utah Resident students is $17,850.
    Additionally, required fees in 2023 are $280 for 9th through 11th-grade students and $455 for 12th-grade students.

    Student fees for the 2024 school year will be posted once approved.

    Required and optional fees for each new year are determined in the fall and will be posted, along with a payment link,  below on this page by January 15 of each year.

    The Winter Sports School is not a boarding facility. All non-Utah resident students are responsible for securing their own living accommodations.


    Our admissions policy for non-Utah residents is strictly need-blind, and our financial aid policy is 100% grant based, sharing the “no loans” policy recently adopted by some of the top tier colleges and universities in the United States. Financial aid grants are made possible by fundraising activities and private donations to the school.

    Financial aid grants are eligible for partial tuition only, as non-Utah resident students are required to be 100% self-funded. No financial aid grant for a prospective non-Utah resident may result in a tuition threshold which falls below Utah State requirements or which leads to a situation in which the education of a non-Utah resident becomes subsidized by Utah tax dollars.

    Any student wishing to apply for financial aid should submit a completed form with their application packet.

    park city, Utah

    The Winter Sports School is situated in what is arguably the most conveniently accessible mountain locale in the United States. We’re 3 miles off of I-80; about 20 miles from the eastern edge of Salt Lake City and about 35 miles from Salt Lake City International Airport. Our location is:

    4251 Shadow Mountain Dr.

    Park City, UT 84098


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