U.S. History


The goal of this course is to engage students in developing a solid foundational understanding of the origins of the United States and the complexities and conflicts that have forged it.   The material is divided into two main parts, U.S. History 1 and U.S. History 2..  U.S. History 1 will be taught during 1st period and U.S. History 2 is held during 5rd period.  The first part will begin by exploring Pre-Columbian America and will end with the Reconstruction Era following the American Civil War.  The second part  will focus on the 20th century and why it is known as “America’s Century.”  We will wrap up with an exploration of 21st century issues and events.  As a general survey, the class will introduce major themes, events, and personalities in American history.  We will attempt to explore this history in a non-biased, multi-sided manner using numerous sources of information such as authentic readings, discussions, films, music, and research projects.  The course will help students make connections between their world and the rich heritage of American history.  Students will develop and refine skills related to critical thinking, analysis, reading, discussion, research, and writing.