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All athletes eventually start their final event, cross their last finish line, and stop competing formally. Even though that conclusion is inevitable, The Winter Sports School fosters a life-long quest for discovering new challenges beyond any particular field of winter athletic competition.

As a public charter school located in Park City, Utah, The Winter Sports School develops students with a passion for learning and excellence, in both academics and winter athletics. There is no better secondary school in the United States—perhaps the world—for student athletes to reach beyond their limits in all aspects of life than The Winter Sports School.

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Free to focus

The Winter Sports School is strictly a college preparatory academic institution for dedicated winter athletes, so classes are out of session during the winter months. Students are completely free to choose the coach or team that fits best for them, anywhere in the world. Our unique approach enables us to educate all students, practicing any winter sports discipline, as opposed to only a focused few. At The Winter Sports School, skiers and snowboarders rub shoulders with figure skaters, speed skaters, luge and skeleton athletes, all joined by the common aspirational bond of pursuing college preparatory academics and winter athletics to their full potential. Discover what works best for your education and your sport.

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The school altered my son's life. Having a college prep education while being able to focus on his sport gave him the best of bothworlds to ensure his future success academically and athletically

WSS Parent



You can't find the opportunity anywhere else where you can train all winter long and still have high-quality academics during the summer.

Megan McJames

Class of '05
2x Olympian



I graduated and made it straight onto the U.S. Ski Team, but I felt like the education here helped me with what I've done since then, and I was able to start my own business with SHRED and also feel like I'm better equipped for the rest of the world.

Ted Ligety

Class of '02
Olympic Gold Medalist

An admittedly

Our classes run from April through November each year to give students time during the winter months to focus on athletic training and competition. We complete a full college preparatory curriculum in 144 days over seven months. Our compressed calendar is intense, but the benefits are significant for students who are committed to both their education and athletic accomplishments.

If you are driven to succeed in academics and winter athletics, have the energy to pursue both to the absolute best of your ability, and like to have fun doing it, we encourage you to apply to our program.

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Gratitude is a
winning attitude.

As a non-profit organization, the Winter Sports School depends on private contributions to fund need-based tuition grants, facility improvements, and certain extra-curricular activities.

Each year the Winter Sports School hosts a handful of special fundraising events. You can support these events by attending, by providing cash donations, by providing prizes for silent auction, or by volunteering your time. Please explore the ways in which you can offer your support. Our many thanks in advance.

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