Located amid Park City’s world-class olympic venues with “the greatest snow on earth,” The Winter Sports School in Park City offers a truly exceptional education in an exceptional sport community. Our unique schedule provides the balance and support that allows dedicated student athletes to focus their attention on academics when they are in school and on their chosen sports when the season is underway.

The academic and athletic success of the Winter Sports School community over the past twenty years is remarkable. Our graduates have gone on to win Olympic, World Cup, National, Collegiate and junior titles in multiple sports. While these athletic results are impressive, we want it to be clear that our core purpose is to ensure that our graduates are prepared to succeed at the college or university of their choice. The feedback we receive from top institutions of higher learning in the country prove that we consistently deliver against that goal.

If you are driven to succeed in academics and in winter athletics, have the energy to pursue both to the absolute best of your ability, and like to have fun doing it, we encourage you to apply to our program. There is no better secondary school in the United States — perhaps the world — for unique students like yourself to prepare for success in education, in athletics, and in life.

Tess Miner-Farra

Head of School

An Admittedly Different Education

The Winter Sports School is a college preparatory academic institution for dedicated athletes, so classes are out of session during the winter months. We focus on education so, unlike a more traditional ski academy, our students are free to choose the coaches and teams that fit best their needs, anywhere in the world.

Our unique approach enables us to educate all students, practicing any winter sports discipline and some non-winter sports as well, as opposed to only a focused few. At the Winter Sports School, ski racers and snowboarders rub shoulders with freeskiers and sport climbers, figure skaters and speed skaters, luge and skeleton athletes, and others who often cannot attend institutions that combine academics with athletics.

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At the Winter Sports School, we focus on learning, character building, and college & career readiness. We leave the sport training and competition to the the experts: the youth sport development clubs with whom our students choose to advance their athletic careers.

Our location offers a unique set of training venues and facilities for our students, with access to the world-class training facilities used by the US Ski and Snowboarding, Bobsled, Luge, Skelton, and Nordic Combined & Jumping teams, and US Biathlon teams. The majority of our student-athletes train with area sport clubs including Park City Ski & Snowboard, Snowbird Ski Education Foundation, Team Soldier Hollow, Wasatch Freestyle, Altabird Freeski, and many more. Some of our students train with sport clubs around the country and come to us for their educational needs.

Many of our students are multi-sport athletes and participate in interscholastic sports with their home public school districts, play club soccer, or compete in other sport disciplines outside of school. Our model supports the educational needs of our students within a framework that understands the competing demands on their time year round.


Class of ‘97

Olympic Gold Medalist, 2x Olympic Bronze Medalist,

6x World Cup Champion, 3x World Champion


Our mission is to provide our students with the tools, support, and balance necessary for them to achieve the highest possible levels of success in education and life.


The Winter Sports School’s vision is to be the leading college-preparatory school for dedicated student-athletes.

Core Values

Underlying our vision, mission, and purpose is a shared commitment by all members of the Winter Sports School community to the following.


We will seek to develop the skills that will position each of us to be leaders.


We are here to help each other grow academically, athletically, socially, and personally.


We model a growth mindset as individuals and work to instill an ongoing passion for learning in all members of our community


We are free to discuss and explore diverse ideas, encouraged to take risks and grow from mistakes.


We do what we say we do in an honest and respectful manner.


We recognize and respect differences while encouraging and celebrating diversity in all